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  • Versatile trekking model, designed for hiking of medium difficulty and duration on mixed terrain. The asymmetrical lacing system, combined with the construction of the tongue in stretch Gore-Tex fabric, guarantees precision in the closure and comfort of fit. Vibram Weave technology tread with bi-density polyurethane wedge and recycled EVA for excellent grip and cushioning on the most irregular surfaces. The lasting board and sole unit features the exclusive Elica Natural Stride System technology to enhance the bio-dynamic performance. Made in Europe.


    upper suede 1.6 mm + stretch fabric
    upper protection liba® smart pu
    lining description gore-tex® more seasons
    outsole vibram® alterra II
    midsole pu + eva
    lasting board (stiffness) 6-4 mm nylon + die cut eva (medium)
    footbed custom fit soft
    women's weight (gr. ½ pair) 540
    women's size range (uk) 3 - 9


    The traceability of the raw materials used to manufacture our footwear is disclosed here.
    This list indicates where the components for our footwear are made.
    For certain models, the sourcing of the synthetic upper material may vary depending on the colour versions.
    As certain component groups consist of several parts, multiple country codes may be indicated.

    This footwear is manufactured in Europe.

    Synthetic Upper Material: ITA, NLD
    Leather: ITA
    Rubber Rand: ITA
    Synthetic Lining Material: CHN, DEU, ITA
    Outsole: ITA
    Midsole: ITA
    Lasting Board: ITA
    Footbed: ROU
    Laces: ITA
    Toe Cap: ITA
    Upper's Glue: DEU, ITA
    Glue for Lasting Process: DEU, ITA
    Padding Materials: ITA
    Reinforcement Materials: IND, ITA
    Metallic parts: ITA
    Special Metallic Parts: ITA
    Ribbons and Webbings: ITA
    Yarns: ITA
    Box: ITA
    Hangtags: CHN, ITA, KOR
    Packaging Material: ITA
    Others: ITA, ROU

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